Fittings Lined with PTFE

PTFE-lined Pipe & Fittings for transferring chemicals, strong acids, corrosives or other hazardous materials at high temperatures. A plastic-lined steel piping chemical transfer system combines the strength of steel pipe with the corrosion/chemical resistance and long life of PTFE to provide optimum operation in demanding environments up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, fabricated within hours to your specification. 

* Strength of Steel Pipe* Corrosion Resistance / Chemical Resistance of PTFE Plastic* High Temperature Capabilities: Up to 500 Degrees F (260 Degrees C)* Sizes up to 12″* PTFE-Lined Pipe Spools Fabricated within Hours

Fittings Lined

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is our most chemical and temperature resistant system.

PTFE is a fully-fluorinated material, which gives it nearly universal chemical resistance.   It is fully resistant to chemical attack to 450 F on the following chemicals at all concentrations:* All acids* All caustics* All bleaches* All solvents

It is an economical alternative to expensive nickesl alloy systems.  This is often true not only from a material cost standpoint, but because the PTFE-lined flanged system is simple to install compared to welded alloy systems.

PTFE piping systems are well suited for use in industries that demand the purity and extreme corrosion resistance associated with PTFE. PTFE piping systems have seen years of service in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to semiconductors and from chemical plants to pulp mills. Complete systems and individual parts are available for both Threaded and Clamp-Joint Piping Systems.

These piping systems are ideal for applications where highly aggressive fluids must be handled. Both systems are well suited to low-pressure process industry applications where the extreme corrosion resistance and purity of PTFE are desirable. 

Post time: Mar-10-2018